Fascist Propaganda Film

There were propaganda films made in Germany during the Nazi Era that attempted to dehumanize the Jewish people in order to exterminate them as undesirables. The Nazis used Eugenics (experimenting on living people) and Euthenics (educational and environmental manipulations of people) to butcher and brainwash any people they considered "inferior" to their monstrous view of life. This film that was screened at the Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Toleranc is a chilling reminder of how these fascist monsters worked. Today there is a danger that there is again fascist propaganda, phony artists at work in the US and all over the world. A FILM UNFINISHED is a documentary about such efforts by the Nazis. This is the trailer of the movie made by an Israeli filmmaker to expose these monsters that murdered 6 million Jews during the Holocaust.